Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent Bluetooth Mouse–Move Text/Image/File Between 2 Windows/Mac/Android Devices with Bluetooth/USB,With 7 Customizable Buttons,Contoured Shape,2 Year Battery Life-Graphite

Price: ₹ 2,995.00 - ₹ 2,359.00
(as of Apr 15,2021 17:13:04 UTC – Details)

Working without distracting noises is made easier with the Logitech Silent wireless mouse. The M590 silent Bluetooth mouse was designed with multi-device use and noiseless efficiency in mind. With the power of Logitech Flow, The M590 wireless mouse is able to navigate across two computers seamlessly, providing you with the precision you need to copy and paste from one to the other with ease, boosting your productivity. With a 90 percent reduction in click noise, you can be confident you aren’t creating a disturbance around you. This unique feature allows you to become more efficient than sending yourself emails to transfer files, images, or content from one computer to another. Plus, the M590 mouse was built for quiet scrolling and gliding with high-performance feet and a rubber wheel. For efficient and fast scrolling, this is the best wireless mouse for you – the micro-precise scroll wheel allows you to scroll faster and easier through documents and web pages than ever before.With the extra two thumb buttons, you are in more control of your wireless mouse. Programmed to move backward and forward through web pages, and fully customisable, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and precisely with the Logitech M590. Download Logitech options software to benefit from personalising your wireless mouse. Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows, You can work exactly how you want with a number of different customisable options. Logitech has engineered this cordless mouse for long-lasting durability with an automatic sleep mode and an on/off switch to save power. It is capable of lasting up to 24 months on the power of a single AA battery, while the battery indicator light lets you know the battery is working – helping you to avoid any inconvenient battery shortages.

Logitech flow: This wireless mouse allows you to seamlessly control multiple devices and copy-paste content and documents between those computers
Ultra-precise scrolling: Micro-precision wheel makes scrolling through long documents faster and easier
Two thumb buttons: The thumb buttons on the mouse come programmed to move backwards and forwards through web pages, but can be configured to do exactly what you want them to
Condition : 1 Year Nataion Warranty by Logitech
Silent clicks: With the same click feel and over 90 percent noise reduction on the click sound, enjoy a quiet experience for you and your neighbours
Note : In case of Wireless mouse, the USB receiver will be provided inside or along with the mouse

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